Desperate Youth is flirting with the '80s on debut album 'Stranger'

The first singles from the debut album have already received airplay on Finnish national radio and on online radio stations all over the world. 


The debut single ‘Another Time’, featuring ‘The Queen of Synthwave’ NINA, featured on Finnish radio all through the summer of 2020 and was very well received on Spotify. According to Spotify, more than every fifth unique listener has saved the song to their own library.


The genre could be defined as indietronica with strong influences from the ‘80s, Rock and Synthwave. The album single, and title track, ‘Stranger’ is an uptempo pop song, perfect for a warm summer full of love and adventure.


“The title track, Stranger, is about the feeling you get when you don't want a moment to end because you feel a connection with another person that you never felt before. And you're ready to do everything in your power to make this person feel the same way about you"

Desperate Youth Graffiti 4.jpg