About Desperate Youth

Picture of Desperate Youth by Amanda Marina Photography

Desperate Youth is the brainchild of Finnish songwriter/producer Oskar Karlsson who, after playing in a band for several years, felt it was time to start a new adventure and create something entirely his own.


Desperate Youth's music is essentially Electronic Pop music with strong influences from the 80's and modern rock.

The debut single Another Time was released on July 5th 2020 and featured on radio in Finland all through the summer. 

A new version of the song featuring NINA, 'The Queen of Synthwave', was released on October 2nd 2020. 

Just like the debut, the new single, 'Maze of Lights' takes us on a journey into a different time. The synths are back, but instead of drum machines and a saxophone, the soundscape is now dominated by massive acoustic drums and howling guitars.


With Maze of Lights, Desperate Youth shows proof of his versatility. From a catchy synth-pop debut with the Queen of Synthwave, NINA, to an emotional rock ballad that will make your skin tingle.


This is a journey you don't want to miss!